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What’s in the Member Hub

As BIRD Voting and Community Members, you have access to what we call the Member Hub, where you’ll be able to access more resources than ever. In the Hub, you’ll be able to voice your opinion about things going on in the EBURD, ask questions, and find support for anything you come across with living or working in the EBURD. In the Hub, you’ll find forums that all members can contribute to that are monitored by Michelle Harkins. More community forums will go up shortly, but for now there is one to talk about any problems you may be having in the EBURD and one to discuss Project Green Light and how you can receive some of those funds.

Advertise Your Business to the People that Care About Your Business

As BIRD members, you will also be able to post about your business or events in the hub for other members to see. You can advertise your events, job openings or anything special you’ve got going on that you want to share with the BIRD community. BIRD members became members because they know the potential that the EBURD has, and if you are pushing the EBURD in the right direction, BIRD members will help support you.

Learn About TIF from the People Who’ve Received TIF

Applying for TIF money will be even easier as a member as the application is right on the homepage. If you are interested in TIF, the application, support form previous TIF applicants and BIRD Director, Michelle Harkins, will be at the tips of fingers in the Member Hub. Previous TIF applicants typically become BIRD members, so there are plenty that can talk to you about the process from the business perspective and support you along the way. Again, the people who have invested in this community want to help you do the same. 

Additional Perks

Members will get access to members only discounts from Billings businesses too, as well has have the first opportunities to get involved with BIRD initiatives and events. While the member discounts are still being developed, there are plenty of events and opportunities that go on in the EBURD that you will have the first chance to get involved in through the Hub. The BIRD has a North Park Tree Lighting, Cattle Drive, Renaissance Faire, Dog Park going in soon and so much more that would be a great opportunity to get involved and get your business out there to Billings.

How to Get Into the Member Hub

We are here to help you and make this district the best it possibly can be; the Hub will help us help you. So let’s get into how to login for the first time. 

Emails have been sent to all members that have paid their dues and provided a valid email address with instructions. In the instructions is the “coupon” code to create an account if you have already paid for this year’s membership. If you believe you should have received this email, but haven’t please email Michelle Harkins at From now on, membership dues will be paid via this Membership portal, but we can cross that bridge when we get there. 

Did you find your email and coupon code? Click the button to get started.

Like What You Read, But You’re Not a Member?

It’s easy to become a BIRD member! As a BIRD member you’ll have access to everything above and more! For all the details, go to the “Become a Member” page or click the button below. There are two Membership options for everyone to get involved. Community Members, $50/year, and Voting Members at $100/year. They get the same benefits, but Voting Members get to vote on BIRD initiatives and have a more direct impact on what the BIRD does for the East Billings Urban Renewal District.

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