Celebrate National BIRD Day – Sponsor the Dog Park

End of Year Giving

Did you know that January 5th is National Bird Day? What better way to celebrate than celebrating with the Billings Industrial Revitalization District, BIRD?

One of the projects that the BIRD is working on right now is putting a dog park in North Park. This project is being funded by money raised specifically for the dog park, no TIF money is going into it. So far, money has been raised in conjunction with Partners for Parks and the Mayor of Billings, profits from the All Hallows Renaissance Faire in association with the Montana Renaissance Faire, and donations from many businesses for trees and materials to make the dog park happen.

There is still some money to be raised to complete the dog park and keep it looking nice however. To do this, the BIRD is asking businesses and individuals with a vested interest in the dog park to donate and leave your mark on the park. Donations are open to anyone in Billings. 

Sponsoring the North Park Dog Park

 There are many different sponsorship levels, so it can be accessible to anyone who wants to help, just like the park will be accessible to anyone with its central location and ADA features. The first sponsorship level, Dog’s Best Friend, starts at $1 and goes up to $49. The next one, Pawsome Partner, is $50-99 and you will get a dog tag from RedOxx Manufacturing stating you are and original donor to the park. The last sponsorship with unlimited spots is the Friends of the Fence sponsorship for $100-999. This one includes a custom fence decal of size relating to level of donation that can include logos, names, or dedications.

Item Sponsorships

 The last sponsorships will be the Dog Entry Sponsors. There will be one sponsor for each entrance of the park, so 2 total. They will be $10,000 each. This will provide fencing for the park and concrete and gravel entrances. The sponsorship will include a plaque at the entrance you sponsor.

So Why Sponsor the North Park Dog Park?

All signage and plaques provided for sponsorships will be permanent for the life of the park, your mark will be here for many years to come and for many people to see. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in the North Park Dog Park that will impact many of the lives in the surrounding area, human and pet. This will provide a more accessible place for residents to take their animals that live east of 24th St. and on the south side of the Heights. People who work downtown and bring their dogs have a place for them to run around on their break and people coming into town from the airport or from Highway 87 and I-90 will have a place to run around and stretch their legs.

North Park has needed more engagement in the community. It has been left behind in some aspects, but the Dog Park is just the first step in the right direction. There are many improvements scheduled, including a new playground, removal of the old handball courts, and more lighting. Improvements not yet scheduled, but in the works are new lights for the baseball field and resurfaced basketball courts with new fencing.

Join the BIRD in creating a lasting impact on the North Park Community and become a Park Sponsor today. You can email Michelle Harkins, BIRD Director, at billingsbird@gmail.com, call her at (406) 545-7007, or stop in the BIRD office located at 1413 4th Ave. N to learn more today!

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